Spiritual Organizations

Our Spiritual Organizations

Our spiritual organization consists of Sunday School, Youth Association, Vanitha Samajam, Choir and Altar Boys.

The Sunday school is held every Sunday after the Holy Qurbana. We have 7 grades with 32 children.

Apart from 3 volunteers we have 6 teachers including the principal. Each Sunday, the school begins with a common session where the parish priest conduct a common class regarding the faith and tradition of the church. This is followed by the song practice session for all the children. Each class is conducted separately.

There are two exams conducted in a year; half yearly and final exam. Two classes in a month are organized particularly to teach Malayalam language. The refreshment is served to the children every Sunday before the Sunday school begins.

A young group of 20 from both male and female constitute the youth association. They put their helping hand in the day to day activities of the church, whenever it is necessary.

They take an active lead in organizing the cultural activities and the charity works of the parish.

One of the vibrant spiritual wings of the parish is the Vanitha Samajam. We have more than 30 women participate in all the programs of the Samajam.

They conduct periodical prayers, bible studies and organizational meetings. Samajam meets once a month after the Holy Qurbana.

Apart from this, they organize fund raising programs such as food sale, auctions of the home made eatables and vegetables from home garden.

There are 10 active choir members serve in the sacramental services of the church.

One of the promising acts that the choir does is the training they do for the parish members in general and for the Sunday school children in particular.

One of the blessings that the parish enjoys in all the sacraments service is the whole hearted service of the 12 Altar Servants in almost all the Sundays and other special liturgical days.